Deathmatch maps

slaughter house 1
slaughter house 2

Here's a super deathmatch level made by Jimmy and Jonathan Beaubien. It replaces all the weapons, a lot of items, and add new sounds. The map is in fact the blue print of a house, and there are many passages and secrets to find. You'll deathmatch around the house and inside, going for powerful weapons and special items, hiding in the bathroom, teleporting through the toilets, etc.

A batch file is included to run it easily, and you can simply put all the .wad files and the .deh file in a wadset in DOOMatic to play it in multiplayer with all the special effects!

A shy marine is hiding at the left of the picture.. TOMJ (85k)

By Fabrice "Fab" Denis. Quake style like 'The Box' but better this time.

Look for some nice teleports and 'switch floors' like in Quake. When you are bored, go to the chainsaw room, and cut some meat.

All those flickering
    lights.. it's almost like a discotheque. CLAUSTROPHOBIA
Claustrophobia: 8 ultra small maps for the most deranged of you! Duel in a 2x2 meter box, with flashy lights, just enough space to fit your barrel. Weapons all around the floor... the trick here is to respawn at the right moment. Play one minute per map, and have a laugh.


Arbiter's view: Red Leprechaun shoots Indigo Leprechaun. DMSPORT1 - Mid-air jousting!

3...2...1...go! The two opponents climbs the stairs and then jump in the air. Red guy frags Indigo guy, and you see a drop of blood as the dead corpse of Indigo guy falls into the pit! If the two survive, they fight with chainsaw in the pit and the survivor wins!

DMSPORTS is a new series of levels, created by the twisted minds of Fab and Boris, where you participate to 'American Gladiators' (or 'Doom Olympics') kind of games. It is difficult to make such maps with new rules, that are fun and works within the Doom engine. I'd suggest you try 'DMSPORT2' first, which keeps all the thrill and fun of classic deathmatch, while adding a new twist to it.

You all get out of my tower,
    I am the king! DMSPORT2- Clay-pigeon shooting!
Try to stay as long as you can on the tower and shoot your companions as they jump in an attempt to take your place! You can't play 'sitting duck' because your ammunitions are limited (old deathmatch). The frags count as normal here. We played it a lot : too much fun!
This map features a superb digital scoreboard. WARZONE

One of the best DETHTAG level, and it features a slick 2-sided digital scoreboard.

So what the hell is deathtag?
Deathtag is a revolutionary new way to play Doom][. The goal of Deathtag is to team up with a partner, and, with his help, score 5 points to win the match. Frags are incidental (they dont count towards your winning), but nothing is sweeter than fragging someone going for a score :).

The blue team cheats! There's 3 guys in front of the goal! FOOTBALL
A small Football terrain, two goals, and poles of skulls which tells the score. Double-shot the other guy in the goal! You even hear the fanatical crowd yelling when you score a goal.
Watch before you enter.. because there's no K.O. here. NEWBOXE
Boxing with berserks and dbl shot! Get into the ring! You can stand on the ropes, climb on the 'posts' at the corners of the ring, and then jump over your buddies like in catch!! Complete with the 'Rocky' music!

Sprite and sound patches

leprechaun LEPRECHAUNS
The best patch I've made so far! It seems a bit weird to have Leprechauns in DOOM at start, but don't be fooled: these are possibly the most vicious creatures on earth! And they're just too funny with their little high-pitched voices!
See the full review here.
delirium DELIRIUM
Imagine playing DOOM after some packs of beer, that's it: Delirium! See the full review here.
WORMS sounds! Fits just perfectly for Deathmatches!


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