Doom Legacy Screenshots

Click for larger image Duelling Keeps - by Gherkin
The Duelling Keeps Deathmatch map. A faithful and accurate recreation of the Quake3 Arena map. Legacy takes multiplayer far beyond Doom's deathmatch beginnings.
Click for larger image Improved Netcode - by VenGeance
New netcode, massive multiplayer games are now possible. Team deathmatch, 3 different modes, and a variety of other options. All this AND up to 32 players on the field at once, slugging it out!
Click for larger image MD2 models in Legacy - by Rellik
Legacy's in development 3D model support. Coming soon!
Click for larger image Doom Pong - by Darkwolf
Thought Doom was just about killing stuff eh? With some creativity and clever scripting, voilà, Doom Pong!
Click for larger image Dynamic Lighting - by ToXiCFLUFF
Clever mapping and dynamic lighting used to create a disturbing amount of atmosphere in a 10 year old game.
Click for larger image 3D Detail - by Rellik
With Legacy's 3D floors a mapper can make extremely realistic gaming enviroments.
Click for larger image Hardware Fog - by Aliotrophe?
An example of Legacy's hardware fog effects. Just looking at it makes your lungs hurt...
Click for larger image Legacy Sidescroller - by ToXiCFLUFF
You can even use Legacy to make a classic sidescrolling game. The new editing options are constantly being expanded so people can turn the game into something completely different!
Click for larger image Complex Structure - by DooMAD
Using Legacy's 3D floors incredibly realistic and intricate structures can be made.
Click for larger image Sphere Of OpenGL Coronas - by Darkwolf
A sphere made out of softly glowing OpenGl light coronas. Another example of creative Legacy users using scripting to take the game in new directions.
Click for larger image Dynamic Lighting - by Rellik
Dynamic lighting used to add atmosphere to a machinima set. With Legacy maps can be made that rival Quake 2 in appearance.
Click for larger image Dynamic Lighting - by ToXiCFLUFF
Another example of wonderful use of dynamic lighting.
Click for larger image Heretic - by Raven Software
Now play Heretic in high quality Hardware acceleration with dynamic lighting and (currently) up to 1024x768 resolution.
Click for larger image PWAD Icebound - by Doom_Dude
Heretic mappers can now use all the great Legacy engine features to make their levels truly epic.
Click for larger image Semi-Transparent Floors - by Mr. Rocket
Online DOOM deathmatching has never been better with so many new editing and play options. Here semi-transparent 3-D floors are used to great effect.
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