"DOOM shall never die, only the players."
Ray Davis

Doom Legacy 1.46 released

by smite-meister on 2016-10-25

Doom Legacy 1.46.1 (rev1278) has been released, and can be found in our download area.

For the full list of changes, see docs/whatsnew.html.

Doom Legacy 1.45 beta1 released

by smite-meister on 2014-05-17

The first beta version of Doom Legacy 1.45 (rev1107) is out, you can find it in our download area.

1.45 will be our first "official" release in several years and it is absolutely packed with bugfixes and new features!
For the full list of changes, see docs/whatsnew.html.

Doom Legacy 1.44 alpha5 released

by smite-meister on 2014-02-16

The fifth and final alpha release of Doom Legacy 1.44 (rev1089) is here.
Linux 3.2 64-bit version will follow soon, then we'll start the beta phase! Binary only:

Doom Legacy 1.44 alpha4 released

by smite-meister on 2012-12-23

Special holiday release of Doom Legacy 1.44 alpha4 (rev999)!

Doom Legacy 1.44 alpha3 released

by smite-meister on 2011-07-10

Ladies and gentlemen, Legacy 1.44 alpha3 (rev845) is finally out, brimming with bugfixes and new features.

Doom Legacy 1.44 alpha2 released

by smite-meister on 2011-01-21

The second alpha release (rev778) of Legacy 1.44 is here!
Note: The first 32-bit Linux alpha2 binaries (rev777) included some unfinished code which corrupted savegames, now they're fixed.

Doom Legacy 1.44 alpha1 released

by smite-meister on 2010-09-03

The first alpha release of Legacy 1.44 is out!
No guarantees of anything, enjoy!

Doom Legacy 1.44 to be released soon

by smite-meister on 2010-06-18

About six months ago the Legacy project acquired a new developer, WDJ, who had been sending us numerous bugfixes. Based on his suggestion we decided to make a long overdue bugfix release of Legacy 1.42. After months of work and with more than 60 bugs squashed we are finally about to release Legacy 1.44!

After this release we'll move our focus back to the development branch, Legacy 2. We hope to be able to release a beta version in a few months.

The new website is up

by smite-meister on 2010-06-17

The Doom Legacy website has moved back to SourceForge.net!
We'll soon post some news about the upcoming release(s)...
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