the LEPRECHAUN patch!

by Fab (alias DeF-46), plus ideas by Boris


The Leprechaun graphics patch is by far my best creation for Doom2 today, not in terms of size or quantity, but in terms of imagination that this patch brings with it. This graphics patch replaces the old boring marines, with a Leprechaun. Well, in fact it does more look like a liitle old wizard than a Leprechaun, but I decided to call it Leprechaun because he has the same shoes, and mostly because I like this name. The Leprechaun is a little creature, half the size of a man, that comes from the faery tales of Ireland. If you look at the graphics, you could think that it's a nice little chap, but don't be fooled! It's the most vicious and the most cunning creature that you could think of!

Leprechaun's Anatomy

  • Long pointed hat (he DOES have a long cone head! - that's why you can fire at it and hurt him bad).
  • Eagle nose (for aerodynamics purpose).
  • Vicious smile (sometimes with flecks of foam appearing on the corners of his mouth).
  • Long white beard (hides lots of unpleasant stuff).
  • Long black curly boots (made for robustness, not for speed).
  • A cute little cross on the back (you won't miss it!).

What Does The Patch Replace?

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