graphics and sound patch
graphics by Denis Fabrice, plus 3d Studio help by Dierickx Stephane


It was a rainy day. I was at a friend's house, and I had nothing better to do than my first graphics patch : it's named DELIRIUM and it's completely silly.

Fab goes back and forth repeatedly in an ingenious attempt to pickup the SMARTIES LAUNCHER!

Boris comes in...

Fab picked up the Smarties Launcher and starts to throw away millions of little disgusting chocolates! Poor Boris dies of intoxication from the colorants.

Sickly fumes emerge from the barrel of the Smarties launcher as Fab presses vigorously the AUTOFIRE button!

Features! Features!

There you have it, the features:

To Be Happy Or Not To Be Happy?

See for yourself in this portrait gallery of the DELIRIUM graphics and sounds patch.

Look! This is guy is happy, he has a gun!
This one is mad of joy, he's helping me to die, but he doesn't see the other chap who is throwing smarties on his back! Poor fool! He'll have colorants on his back for the rest of his life!
Now, our Indigo man is very disappointed as you can see. Eat this you moron!
Brownie is back! With a smarties launcher, gosh! He's pouring all this disgusting chocolate on meeeee, noooo!
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