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May 20, 2000
  • Due to server problem at, OpenGL DooM Legacy is now mirrored on SourceForge.Net. You can reach me by e-mail at the following address:

April 20, 2000
  • DooM Legacy pre-release 7 is now available at the download section. You can find more informations there.
  • Note that the source code of this version is also available in zip, tar/gz and tar/bz2 format. You can check the file releases section on our site.

April 15, 2000
  • Well... Final version is not for today :( I said "it should be" and in fact, it should be. But... We haven't test it fully and there are still some things working with the Dos and Linux version which doesn't work with the Win32 one. Also, it seems Boris wasn't fully ready with his latest changes. So, the final version will be just a little delayed, be patient ;-) I thought I could give you a new pre-release, but I'm not sure it's a good idea due to some things which doesn't work fully. However, I can give you our current version if you want to help us to find bugs and if you ask me it by e-mail.

April 4, 2000
  • Sorry for those of you who sent me an e-mail these last two monthes and didn't get any answer. I couldn't answer to most of them due to a lot of (personal) circumstances. If your mail was a bug report, please do that with the bug tracking system on (most of the bugs reported by e-mails will be ignored). It's a lot easier for us like that, especially since now we got some really nice help from some others developers. With the bug tracking system, all the developers can know about the bug and try to fix it as soon as possible. Be sure the bug is valid and was not already reported by someone else. Also give us the most details as possible.

  • If you asked me... The next final version of (OpenGL) DooM Legacy should be released on April the 15th. Yes, exactly one year after v1.28 and exactly one year after me starting coding on the OpenGL version of DooM Legacy. We don't know exactly what will be in this version or not, but be sure it will be as stable as possible. All current unfinished features not present in this version will be in our next development version, of course.

March 3, 2000
February 25, 2000
  • A new Launcher for DooM Legacy 1.29 pre-release 3 has been released! DooM Legacy Launcher v1.2 is now available for download on the web site (see launcher on the File Releases section). This version fix the bug of dedicated server who needed at least two computers to start. There are also some minor changes in the GUI.

  • Thanks to Daniel Mons for sending me the URL of some screenshots he made with DooM Legacy beta 15. Click here! Some are really nice ;-)

February 22, 2000
  • Ok, yes... I didn't update this site for more than one month! What can I answer to this? Nothing, execpt I've just had some exams to pass. But now I'm back with a new version of your favorite doom port. And another BIG news...

  • DooM Legacy 1.29 pre-release 3 is now available for download on the web site. This version adds dedicate server support (it's not yet finished, though) and fixes some previous bugs. Wallsplats are also included, but are still experimental. This version is particularly for testing. We would be very happy to receive your bug reports. The features that will be available in the final 1.29 version depend on your reports. So hurry up! This is the last (public) one before FINAL!

  • At the same time, you will see (still on that the source code of DooM Legacy is now publicly available (you don't have to ask it by e-mail, but of course we'd like you to contact us) on the CVS repository. This is all the source code of the DooM Legacy project, including Dos/Linux/Win32/Glide/OpenGL version. The Mac, sgi and maybe the BeOS version (which are not developped by us) should follow soon. If there are developpers who want to help us (for anything related to Doom), just contact us at


January 04, 2000
  • First of all, Happy New Year! I don't know how to say that exactly in english but I wish we will live in peace and fraternity from wherever we are. Just think about it...

  • Now, some news about glLegacy itself. I changed a little the code in the T&L way and made some optimisation at the same time. I have something 10% faster on my computer and it runs very well with Mesa 3.1 (sounds really good for Linux users ;-)). I didn't work a lot because of my studies, but I was so sure I could optimise glLegacy that I wanted to do something quickly to see if I was right, and it seems I was right since I have some good results ;-). Don't expect a new release from me these days, though. There are a lot of things I want to finish and improve before, and I won't do it before my exams are finished. Be patient...

  • It's official now! Many thanks to Matrox (especially Matrox France) for their support in our project. I'm most grateful to Matrox for giving me the opportunity to develop future version of DooM Legacy on their so good 3D cards. That means you can expect to have a good compatibility between G200/G400 and OpenGL DooM Legacy ;-) but also some unique features supported by their latest OpenGL drivers! I can't wait to update the screenshots section with screenshots taken with the G400 card and the latest version of glLegacy ;-) So much beautiful...

    Matrox is our first real sponsor. I just hope others cool companies will follow soon.

  • And finally, I added a "WADs" section and a "Credits" section to this site. It's actually *Under construction*, but I wanted to add those sections to thank all those of you who helped me while developping this project and those of you who send me their works or made some glLegacy specific stuffs. I'll update this when I'll have the time during this month.

  • Once again, I keep some other good news for the next time. Stay tuned!

December 30, 1999
  • Just a word about the ATI Rage Pro render driver I'm writing since it seems necessary to clarify an important thing:

    I'm NOT writing an ICD as some people may think. The driver I'm currently writing is only for use with glLegacy. This driver use the OpenGL driver provide by ATI and do NOT replace it. The difference between this render driver (r_ati_rp.dll) and the _normal_ render driver (r_opengl.dll) provided with glLegacy is that it will only use calls supported by ATI's OpenGL driver. This way, OpenGL DooM Legacy should work a little better on ATI Rage Pro cards. The reason of this is the actual OpenGL driver provided by ATI doesn't support OpenGL 1.1 fully.

    Note that a first version of the r_ati_rp.dll (the render drirver for ATI Rage Pro) has been already released on the DooM Legacy forum for alpha testing. Also, note that I'm writing that driver only because they are a lot of DooM Legacy users who own an ATI Rage Pro.

December 23, 1999
  • OpenGL DooM Legacy render driver source code is now available and is licensed under the terms of the GPL. You can download it here. This code enable you to make your own r_opengl.dll file, based on glLegacy Beta 15. Read the readme.txt included in the archive for more information.

  • It's probably my last post here before a long time so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2000 to all you guys!

December 15, 1999
  • Good news for Linux OpenGL Legacy users: Mesa 3.1 (final) is out. That simply means you can expect glLegacy to run faster under Linux. For me it mostly means: cool, a new stable driver to test glLegacy with :-) Also, there is now a link on the Mesa web site to OpenGL DooM Legacy web site (heu... this one? ;-)) If you are wondering why I'm so enthousiast, it's simply because I love so much Mesa cos I've learned OpenGL with it!

  • While I'm updating this site... A few words about work in progress: Boris is working on splats code (blood/damage on walls), meaning it will be available in both software and hardware (Glide/OpenGL) mode. Personally, I'm working on several other things like MD2 and MD3 models (actually only for the hardware version), improving the existing dynamic and static lighting code and last but not least, I'm writing a "new" OpenGL driver. The next version of glLegacy will have one driver optimized for MiniGL _and_ another one optimized for Full OpenGL ICD (I have already some nice little performance/quality gains). I'm also working on an "ATI Rage Pro" driver, since ATI's OpenGL driver is not complete and doesn't support all the OpenGL features used by glLegacy.

  • Enough talked for today... stay tuned!

November 30, 1999
  • OpenGL DooM Legacy beta 15 is now available at the download section. More info at DooM Legacy main page.

  • Oh, and sorry for the banners on top of all the web pages of this site. We don't receive anything if you click on them. So, don't click on them if your goal is only in the hope of helping us. It's the same for the banners on the DooM Legacy forum. I'm talking about that because it was asked to us more than once. That's just the price for being hosted for free.

November 27, 1999
  • OpenGL DooM Legacy beta 14 is available on this web site at the download section.

    This version fixes some little bugs and improves (oh yeah!) the OpenGL renderer (should be faster especially with OpenGL drivers optimized for Unreal). Also, it includes the new Glide driver (thanks to faB) which one has now most of the OpenGL improvement. This version supports mouse wheel, and better network code (minor changes though). Not to mention I've improved the dynamic lighting code.

    It's only a short description of what this version do, but we have radically changed some things so we'd love to have your comments (comparing this version with previous ones e.g.). We would be gratefull if you could do intensive tests and write us an e-mail with every things you think it's wrong (even if you already report them to us!).

  • Bell Kin has also upadated the Linux version (with code from beta 12) and you can download it either at the download section or on his web site. This version is so cooool ;-)

November 12, 1999
  • I have updated this site a little (links and download sections). You can now download the latest Linux OpenGL DooM Legacy version (remember Bell Kin has released the Beta 10 version a few weeks ago) directly from the download section. Also I wanted to tell you there are probably some good news concerning the future of DooM Legacy and OpenGL DooM Legacy. You'll probably be more informed soon. Except that, I worked a little on the source code but not enough to release a new version in the next few days.

November 1, 1999
    I have not updated this site last week as I wanted but it seems I have good news for you today :
    OpenGL DooM Legacy now works with a broad range of wads. No more "Access Violation", at least not more than the software version. The "Aliens-TC bug" has been found (and partially fixed). The only real problem remaining actually is there are sometimes some missing walls/floors/ceilings. The unofficial release of beta 10 and later the beta 11 helped us a lot and now we have something nearly finished, that means the final version you're all waiting for will be probably out really soon (depending on Boris since I've fixed the things I absolutely wanted to fix before releasing the final version). Here is the actual known remaining "bugs" list (all other previous bugs should be fixed) :

  • Skin color not yet implemented for multiplayer splitscreen
  • Colors may not be good, but you can now use gamma correction, and change them as you want (check the OpenGL menu)
  • Sprites disappear with a FOV > 90 if there are not in the normal FOV 90
  • Cracks on the walls (most of the problems are now fixed, especially if you use "gr_polygonsmooth on")
  • There are more missing walls / ceilings / floors than in the beta 8 version
  • Console variables default value may be lost if you use another render mode (especially software <> hardware) with the same config file
  • Dynamic lighting not yet fully implemented
  • Legacy water not yet fully implemented
  • It's a little slower (especially on small CPU) now that we fixed most of the previous bugs

    Oh! I forgot to say, OpenGL DooM Legacy beta 12 (with r_opengl.dll v0.85) is now available at the download section of this site.

October 10, 1999
  • OpenGL DooM Legacy is now hosted by I also have a new e-mail address:

  • I also have changed the zip file of Legacy beta 9. It now includes the doom3.wad file since it seems a lot of you doesn't have the good one. Also, at the same time the automap bug has been fixed. That's why I named this version beta 9a. See the download page for more.

    For other bugs fixed, please wait for next releases, we're working on.

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